Intensive Putonghua Recitation Course

The course consists of four stages training:

guide students to analyze and comprehend the recital material in depth
Voice Control
teach student the recitation skills, including voice and breath control, and emotional expression
Body movement
design appropriate face expression and body movement for the students
鼓勵學生用所學誦材多參加幾個朗誦比賽,積累舞臺經驗,培養自信, 學校會為有興趣多參加比賽的學生提供比賽訊息

  • Teach Putonghua pronunciation and recitation skills, including breath control and emotional expression
  • Help students to enhance Putonghua recitation level in short time.
  • Help students to accumulate stage experience and to build up confidence
  • Provide training course for Hong Kong School Recital Competition and other Putonghua recital competitions
  • Teacher’s Demonstration Recording